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0 o <br />city of sAn luis oBispo <br />�o <br />o <br />l ♦ OFFICE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />4/ g O� 990 Palm Street ■ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3249 ■ 805/781-7119 <br />May 21, 2014 <br />VIA FACSIMILE ONLY 916-319-2143 <br />The Honorable Mike Gatto <br />Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee <br />State Capitol Building, Room 2114 <br />Sacramento, CA 95814 <br />RE: AB 2145 (Bradford) Electricity: Community Choice Aggregation <br />(As Amended 4110114) <br />NOTICE OF OPPOSITION <br />Dear Assembly Member Gatto: <br />On behalf of the City of San Luis Obispo, I am writing to express opposition to AB 2145, <br />which would limit the ability of local agencies to implement a Community Choice Aggregation <br />(CCA) program. Back in 2002, a comprehensive stakeholders' process led to the passage of AB <br />117, which among other things, allowed cities and counties to aggregate on an "opt -out" basis, <br />rather than an "opt -in" basis. All others states with CCA statutes impose the same "opt -out" <br />process as California. The "opt -out" approach gives customers full choice but also provides <br />greater certainty in the market and helps level the playing field for small CCA's attempting to <br />compete in a highly competitive market. It should also be noted that the final amended version of <br />AB 117, as signed into law, received wide bipartisan support and had no opposition. <br />It is the City's position that the existing law is consistent with our belief that local <br />communities and their leaders are always better equipped to make important decisions such as <br />forming a CCA. Adding unneeded barriers such as proposed in AB 2145 is not necessary, and <br />therefore is the basis of the City of San Luis Obispo's opposition to this legislation. <br />Sincerely, <br />?n1le-1 <br />Mayi!or <br />an arx <br />cc: City Council <br />Katie Lichtig <br />Carrie Mattingly <br />Ron Munds <br />Assembly Member Steven Bradford, fax 916-319-2162 <br />Senator Bill Monning, fax 916-445-8081 <br />Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian, fax 916-319-2135 <br />JDavid Mullinax, League of California Cities, <br />