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(Oat <br />oOtt C1 o sAn tuis om <br />t SPO <br />CID <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />/g 990 Palm Street ■ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3249 ■ 805/781-7119 <br />June 10, 2014 <br />VIA FAX ONLY 916-651-4920 <br />The Honorable Alex Padilla <br />Chair, Senate Utilities and Communications Committee <br />State Capitol, Room 5046 <br />Sacramento, CA 95814 <br />Re: AB 1717 (Perea) Telecommunications: Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services <br />NOTICE OF SUPPORT <br />Dear Senator Padilla, <br />I write on behalf of the City of San Luis Obispo to express our support of AB 1717 when <br />it comes before your committee. This legislation would provide a statewide mechanism for the <br />collection of existing state and local revenues as it relates to prepaid wireless services. Most <br />recently, prepaid wireless has achieved great popularity in the market and AB 1717 would <br />establish a uniform, statewide collection mechanism for prepaid wireless services based on the <br />point of sale (for retail sales) and "known address" for internet sales. <br />The City of San Luis Obispo supports this legislation as a necessary tool for collecting <br />and protecting our local tax revenues, and in assuring tax equity. We respectfully request your <br />"AYE" vote on AB 1717 as it is a step in finding a solution to collecting much needed existing <br />local revenues from prepaid wireless services. <br />Sincerely, <br />`v' Jan Marx <br />Mayor <br />Cc: City Council <br />Assembly Member Henry Perea, fax 916-319-2131 <br />Senator Bill Monning, fax 916-445-8081 <br />Jennifer Whiting, League of California Cities, <br />David Mullinax, League of California Cities, <br />Don Maynor, maynorl <br />Fran Mancia, <br />